A Crisis of Innocence

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MisterMystery02 - Page 1.pdf
A boy befriends the spirit of a woman who drowned herself in the pond behind his house.

all burnt up_converted.pdf
A gangster needs to lie low until heat from the police dies down. In the meantime, he stays with a woman and her son.

Censorship of comic books.png
Outlining questions of censorship and the problems of Juvenile Delinquincy as it relates to the reading of comic books. Discusses the positive nature of the comic book and calls to question the issues they could present.

Spectacular Feature 011   Samson and Delilah   Fox #32 (1950) - Page 1.pdf
Comic adaptation of the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah.

Andersen - A Study of Leisure-Time Reading.pdf
Discusses a questionnaire given to nearly 700 junior high school students to determine how they liked to spend their leisure time. The results of the survey determined that comic books were the most popular reading choice overall, though fiction was…

Victorian-era oil painting of a young girl looking wistfully out a window.

Better:Standard Adventures Into Darkness #14.jpg
Comic cover depicting a shipwrecked man about to be saved by a boat full of skeletons.

Tovatt, Jewtt, and Wolfe - This World of English.pdf
Provides suggestions as to how high school English teachers can more effectively teach reading and writing skills to their students. Briefly discusses Wertham and comics books, but mentions that Wertham has been discredited by other academics.

Cedar Rapids Gazette October 17 1954.pdf
States that the public's reading tastes are changing as a result of newspaper coverage of the ongoing crisis. Some comic book publishers and distributors are choosing to self-censor, but this effort is not enough to protect children.

Oakland Tribune October 17, 1954 crop.jpg
Presents a number of initiatives that were being taken to keep crime and horror comics out of the hands of children.
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