A Crisis of Innocence

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Comic cover portraying an anatomy professor placing his wife's body in the freezer, among his other dissection specimens.

Comic cover portraying a man being attacked by zombies in his living room.

Collier's Horror in the Nursery.pdf
Presents the first publication of Fredric Wertham's findings on comics.

Comic cover featuring a man in a guillotine.

Trojan Beware #13.jpg
Comic cover featuring a young couple outside a haunted house.

Tomb of Terror #11 (Harvey - Sept 1953).jpg
Comic cover featuring a woman frightened by a number of disembodied heads.

Harvey Chamber of Chills #25.jpg
Comic cover portraying a giant robot surrounded by flames.

Publisher Defends Comic Book Horror crop.jpg
Presents court proceedings in which comic book publisher, William M. Gaines, defends the content of his comic books in front of senators who question his depiction of a severed head on the front of one of his books.

Toby Tales of Horror #12.jpg
Comic cover portraying a dead man considering the attendants at his funeral.

Gazette Mail November 8 1959 crop.jpg
Deals primarily with newspaper comics, and makes reference to the fact that comic book reading can be greatly beneficial for the young reader.
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