A Crisis of Innocence

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Code of the Comics Magazine Association of America.pdf
Text of the Comics Code, adopted by the Comics Magazine Association of America, which served as the basis for the industry's self-regulation.

Discusses EC publisher William M. Gaines's response to The Courant's campaign against comics.

Discusses "The Current Scene" television program, which will include subjects from The Courant's campaign against comics.

Announces the formation of a committee to investigate the sale and distribution of comics in the Hardware City. The Head of the Committee praises the newspaper's previous articles on the controversy.

A storekeeper of Haddam and several other outlets announce their refusal to continue selling comic books.

More letters to the editor with responses to the newspaper's articles on comic books.

Announces a meeting of the Hartford County Council, where they will discuss the development of a campaign to combat obscene comic books.

Announces the success of the newspaper's previous articles regarding the comic book controversy, citing various organizations' efforts to police comic content.

Hartford_Courant_Thu__Feb_18__1954_ (3).pdf
Several letters to the editor responding to Kravsow's series on the controversy regarding comics.

A follow-up article for Kravsow's series. Schereschewsky dismisses censorship as a solution, instead providing advice for how parents can prevent their children from reading comic books.
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