A Crisis of Innocence

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Superior Journey Into Fear #21.jpg
Comic cover featuring a man and a woman looking shocked by an empty grave, with an image of large eyes leering above them.

Story Fight Against Crime #19.jpg
Comic cover portraying a man tied up, his would be murderer, and a woman with a broken bottle raised to stop him.

Star Startling Terror Tales #11.jpg
Comic cover featuring a man with a gun in the foreground, with multiple policemen in the background.

Star Shocking Mystery Cases #56.jpg
Comic cover featuring a man with a gun being chased by a policeman, appearing to break through the page.

Star Ghostly Weird Stories #122.jpg
Comic cover depicting a crashed spaceship and a dead astronaut.

Star All-Famous Police Cases #15.jpg
Comic cover depicting a man falling from a window, and a policeman looking on in shock.

St. John Nightmare #11.jpg
Comic cover featuring a woman frightened by a reanimated mummy.

Quality Web of Evil #7.jpg
A comic cover depicting a man being strangled by severed arms.

Lev Gleason Crime Does Not Pay #131.jpg
Comic cover portraying two female criminals about to run over a policeman.

Lev Gleason Crime and Punishment #70.jpg
Comic cover featuring men robbing an armoured car.
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