A Crisis of Innocence

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Crime SuspensStories #22, cover.tiff
Cover depicting a man holding an axe and a woman's severed head. Defended by Bill Gaines at the senate subcommittee hearing.

Eerie #2 (Avon - Aug:Sept 1951).jpg
Comic cover portraying a woman being led in chains by a skeleton.

Avon Eerie #5.jpg
Comic cover depicting a woman being frightened by a mummy.

Ajax-Farrell Fantastic Fears #8.jpg
Comic cover portraying a man and woman frightened by a shadowy figure.

Story Fight Against Crime #19.jpg
Comic cover portraying a man tied up, his would be murderer, and a woman with a broken bottle raised to stop him.

Star Ghostly Weird Stories #122.jpg
Comic cover depicting a crashed spaceship and a dead astronaut.

Guns Against Gangsters #1 (Novelty Sept:Oct 1948).jpg
Comic cover depicting a man with two guns backed up against a brick wall, facing off against unseen gunmen.

Ace Hand of Fate #22.jpg
Comic cover depicting the ghost of fate tempting a couple to travel into the future.

Haunted Thrills #12 (Farrell - Nov 1953).jpg
Comic cover featuring a witch showing a woman a vision of a skull in her crystal ball.

Ajax-Farrell Haunted Thrills #18.jpg
Comic cover depicting a large hooded skeleton looming over a horse race track.
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