A Crisis of Innocence

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Ace Baffling #25.jpg
Comic cover featuring a man on a floating staircase in a surreal landscape, frightened by an unseen figure before him.

Comic cover depicting a man being riddled with bullets by a gunman.

Eerie #2 (Avon - Aug:Sept 1951).jpg
Comic cover portraying a woman being led in chains by a skeleton.

Comic cover depicting three astronauts fighting a giant monster.

Ajax-Farrell Fantastic Fears #8.jpg
Comic cover portraying a man and woman frightened by a shadowy figure.

Scream Comics 1 cover.jpg
Stories about young boys that get into different situations. The boys are often presented as getting into trouble, while also being depicted in an innocent fashion.

Journey Into Fear 15 cover.jpg
While this comic book doesn't depict any children within it, according to Digital Comic Museum it is alluded to within Seduction of the Innocent. Moreover, Journey Into Fear is a Canadian publication, noted for being the first Canadian horror comic…

Weird Mysteries #7 cover.jpg
There is an advertisement in this comic that illustrates the fact that even though this comic is filled with hyper-sexualized images as well violence and gore, it was geared towards children. The ad is for a mail-in-catalogue that features a number…

Trojan Crime Smashers #8.jpg
Comic cover depicting a police officer shooting a thief.

Superior Strange Mysteries #14.jpg
Comic cover depicting a woman about to shoot a man, with the Grim Reaper looming above them.
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