A Crisis of Innocence

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Harvey Chamber of Chills #25.jpg
Comic cover portraying a giant robot surrounded by flames.

Charlton Crime and Justice #19.jpg
Comic cover featuring a multi-panel story of four murders.

Lev Gleason Crime and Punishment #70.jpg
Comic cover featuring men robbing an armoured car.

Lev Gleason Crime Does Not Pay #131.jpg
Comic cover portraying two female criminals about to run over a policeman.

Cover of "Crime Does Not Pay" issue 36, depicting bloody, lawless mayhem.

Crime Does Not Pay #42 (Lev Gleason - Nov 1945).jpg
Comic cover depicting a criminal being chased by police. His shadow shows his fate, as he is seen being put to death for his crime.

Ace Crime Must Pay the Penalty #43.jpg
Comic cover featuring a car chase between criminals and the police.

Trojan Crime Mysteries #12.jpg
Comic cover depicting a painting coming to life to protect a woman from being murdered.

Trojan Crime Smashers #8.jpg
Comic cover depicting a police officer shooting a thief.

Comic cover portraying an anatomy professor placing his wife's body in the freezer, among his other dissection specimens.
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