A Crisis of Innocence

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Weird Mysteries #7 cover.jpg
There is an advertisement in this comic that illustrates the fact that even though this comic is filled with hyper-sexualized images as well violence and gore, it was geared towards children. The ad is for a mail-in-catalogue that features a number…

7 - underworldCrime.jpg
Cover of "Underworld Crime" issue 7, depicting two criminals threatening a bound woman.

The cover of "Sparky Watts" issue 2, featuring Sparky holding open the mouth of an alligator as he urges his friend Yoo-Hoo to escape.

Harvey Witches Tales #25.jpg
Comic cover depicting a man ringing a bell with a severed head inside.

Weird Terror #7 (Comic Media - Sept 1953).jpg
Comic cover depicting a killer cremating a body.

Comic cover depicting three astronauts fighting a giant monster.

Ace Web of Mystery #10.jpg
Comic cover featuring a woman startled by her monstrous appearance in a mirror.

Quality Web of Evil #7.jpg
A comic cover depicting a man being strangled by severed arms.

Ajax-Farrell Voodoo #14.jpg
Comic cover portraying a skeleton judging a beauty pageant.

Tomb of Terror #11 (Harvey - Sept 1953).jpg
Comic cover featuring a woman frightened by a number of disembodied heads.
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