A Crisis of Innocence

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Better:Standard Adventures Into Darkness #14.jpg
Comic cover depicting a shipwrecked man about to be saved by a boat full of skeletons.

Adventures Into the Unknown #6 (ACG - Aug 1949).jpg
Comic cover featuring two giant hands attacking a man in a rowboat.

Beware! Terror Tales #6 (Fawcett - Mar 1953).jpg
Comic cover depicting a man being terrified by a skeleton.

Ace Beyond #25.jpg
Comic cover depicting two skeletons flying a plane.

Black Magic #24, cover.jpg
Comic cover depicting a monster that a woman believes to be her son.

Chamber of Chills 23 00.jpg
Cover of horror comic "Chamber of Chills" issue 23, depicting a zombie attempting to kiss a women.

Harvey Chamber of Chills #25.jpg
Comic cover portraying a giant robot surrounded by flames.

Avon Eerie #5.jpg
Comic cover depicting a woman being frightened by a mummy.

Star Ghostly Weird Stories #122.jpg
Comic cover depicting a crashed spaceship and a dead astronaut.

Ajax-Farrell Haunted Thrills #18.jpg
Comic cover depicting a large hooded skeleton looming over a horse race track.
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