A Crisis of Innocence

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Dec 1st, 1949 - House of Commons.pdf
Motion for Bill No. 10 to be the first order of business attended to on December 5th.

June 14th, 1948 - House of Commons.pdf
Fulton once again brings up the matter of suppressing comic book circulation, while Ilsley presents his draft of legislation.

Australian Obscene Publications - April 28 1954.pdf
Continued discussion of the amendment to the Police Offences Bill. Particular focus is paid to the meaning of the word "obscene."

Australian Obscene Publications - April 21 1954.pdf
Continued debate over altering the Police Offences Bill. The House discusses specific clauses, and questions arise over what can be considered "artistic."

Australian Obscene Publications - April 14 1954.pdf
Discussions of morality and distribution. Comic books and other obscene periodicals are consistently viewed as serious threats to the morals of young people.

Australian Obscene Publications - April 6 1954.pdf
Discusses how to tackle the publication and distribution of obscene periodicals using examples set by other countries, such as Canada and the United States.

NY State Joint Legislative Committee to Study Comics 1954.pdf
Introductory summary of the Committee's previous activities and findings before commencing a discussion of Wertham and his work. Also includes an examination of "pocket books," inexpensive books that often depicted obscene subjects.

Summary Trial Urged crop.jpg
Looks at a Newfoundland judge, who previously expressed his thoughts on the tougher restrictions that were being placed on crime comics in Canada.

Senate Passes Crime crop.jpg
Explains the numerous issues that are present in trying to ban crime comics in Canada.
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