A Crisis of Innocence

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Australian Obscene Publications - April 14 1954.pdf
Discussions of morality and distribution. Comic books and other obscene periodicals are consistently viewed as serious threats to the morals of young people.

Psychiatrist Charges Stalling crop.jpg
Looks at the way that comic book legislation in the United States was slower to act than in Canada.

Juvenile Delinquency Seen on Increase crop.jpg
Among other topics, discusses Edgar Bromberger's reports on the necessity for psychiatric consultation in hospitals.

Southtown Economist April 1 1945 crop.jpg
Discusses comic books' alleged cause of myopia in the children who read them. Art in comics is identified as the reason, citing its poor quality.

Comic Books Damage Minds crop.jpg
Presents an early depiction of the way that health officials were beginning to fear the negative affects that comics could have on people.

Health Law Urged to Combat Comics.pdf
Wertham attempts to persuade the Joint Legislative Committe to Study Comics to recommend legislature focusing on banning comics for the sake of public health.
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