A Crisis of Innocence

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An Unjust Conviction.pdf
Covers the conviction and fining of an editor and several publishers who published a piece of offensive material.

Chicago Star Publications December 14 1954 crop.jpg
Discusses a meeting that was held by a Canadian House of Commons member about Crime Comic Books and Juvenile Delinquency. The accompanying picture presents E.D Fulton (the Commons member) meeting with Mabel Firestone.

Ban 25 Crime Comics Publishers Set Up Self Censor Bureau crop.jpg
Highlights 25 comic book titles that will be banned due to the lewd content being depicted in them.

Bill C-10 (21-1).pdf
Known as the 'Fulton Bill,' after E.D. Fulton, member from Kamloops. Includes amendment to Subsection one of section two hundred and seven of the Criminal Code, to address printed materials that induce young people to act violently or immorally.

Clergymen crop.jpg
Notes the move by E. D. Fulton to ban the production and sale of Crime comics in Canada. Flaherty explains that the two men who most approved of the bill were conservative clergymen.

Winnipeg Free Press February 22 1950 crop.jpg
Presents a backlash to the bill passed in Canada in 1949 that put a number of sanctions on the distribution of horror and crime comic books.

Winnipeg Free Press April 21 1952 crop.jpg
In Portage La Prairie, Manitoba the problem of crime comic books is discussed by the Local Council of Women. They decide that the only way to get rid of the threat is to replace it with something else.

Winnipeg Free Press November 5 1948.pdf
Explains that the campaign against comic books taking place in 1948 is similar to the campaigns that were being waged against dime novels in prior years. Reference is made to the fact that juvenile delinquency is linked more readily to larger issues…

Comic Books Damage Minds crop.jpg
Presents an early depiction of the way that health officials were beginning to fear the negative affects that comics could have on people.

Comic Books Still Bad crop.jpg
Tumpane defends his previous assertion that comic books do not offer anything of use to child readers.
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