A Crisis of Innocence

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Comic Books Still Bad crop.jpg
Tumpane defends his previous assertion that comic books do not offer anything of use to child readers.

The Evil of Comic Books crop.jpg
Citing a new Toronto Board of Education report, this article examines the idea that comic books do not cause juvenile delinquency. Tumpane instead claims the reading of comic books perpetuates useless knowledge when one could instead be reading…

Southtown Economist April 25 1945 crop.jpg
The Southtown Economist, as part of their war on comics, publishes a list of books that offer the same thrills as comics but without the corruptive influence.

Bismarck Tribune March 3 1949.jpg
Discusses comic book censorship, and the fact that it is infringing on people's ability to read whatever they want.

Anniston Star December 9 1948 crop.pdf
States that in the year 1948 700,000,000 comics were sold. Goes on to present the comic book reading habits of a 14 year-old named David.

Winnipeg Free Press November 5 1948.pdf
Explains that the campaign against comic books taking place in 1948 is similar to the campaigns that were being waged against dime novels in prior years. Reference is made to the fact that juvenile delinquency is linked more readily to larger issues…

Comic Books Held Aids to Education.jpg
Discusses the first ever comic books award luncheon, in which Dr. William C. Menninger claimed that contrary to what was being said by some psychiatrists, comic books do not cause delinquency.

Comic Books Held Harmful crop.jpg
Discussion forum put together by the New York Times. There are many points made both for and against the censorship of comic books for children.

Comic Books Rated More Acceptable crop.jpg
Presents a study in which 62% of American comic books were deemed to be satisfactory reading material for children. Comics were rated according to how objectionable they were.

Dixon Evening Telegraph February 16 1951 crop.jpg
Psychiatrists cannot agree as to whether or not comic books are causing children to become violent. A majority agree children could be reading better literature, and as such they should visit the library in order to find new, better books to read.
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