A Crisis of Innocence

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North Adams Transcript, February 3 1949.jpg
Announces the establishment of a citizens committee to supervise comics sales and distribution in New Orleans. The committee attributes criminal behavior to parents rather than comic books.

Greenville Delta Democrat Times April 10 1949 crop.jpg
Explores the fact that there are very few laws governing the sale of crime and horror comics.

Alton Evening Telegraph April 21 1955 crop.jpg
Outlining a new ordinance in Alton in which the town is attempting to get rid of comic books that could be harming the children living there.

Winnipegger Fined crop.jpg
Discusses the start of the actual war on comics, in which a Winnipeger named Abe Roher was convicted of selling crime comics and fined $5.

Medicine Hat Daily News January 14 1949 crop.jpg
Provides a number of statistics about the sale of comic books in Canada and Medicine Hat. Morever, Shiels speaks with individuals who are both for and against the sale of comic books.

Publisher to Drop Crime and Horror Comics crop.jpg
Announces that Entertaining Comics is dropping 5 of their popular crime and horror comic series due to a drop in sales brought on by the backlash of anti-comic organizations.

More Teeth crop.jpg
Looks at the Fulton bill, and the way that the House of Commons appeared to be backing the bill to put tougher restrictions on the sale and publication of crime comics.

Anniston Star December 9 1948 crop.pdf
States that in the year 1948 700,000,000 comics were sold. Goes on to present the comic book reading habits of a 14 year-old named David.

Britain Plans Law to Curb Horror Comics crop.pdf
Outlines the British bill to ban the sale of horror comics to children. Claims that children are highly impressionable, and that in reading comic books children can be corrupted.

Anniston Star March 25 1952 crop.pdf
Provides a general view of the different opinions on comic books and their effect on children. Outlines base information such as sales numbers, different views by psychiatrists and possible solutions that maintain the American way.
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