A Crisis of Innocence

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Lonesome Joe Eerie #1, pg. 2.jpg
This is an advertisement that appears before the 1947 issue of Eerie #1. What is notable about this advertisement is that it is clearly geared towards boys in their very early teens, which is perhaps reflective of the gory and violent content of the…

Whip Knife crop.jpg
Recalls a court case in which Dr. Fredric Wertham explains how he was able to purchase a whip from a comic book. He claims that teen-aged murderers were directly influenced by comic books.

Southtown Economist April 8 1945 crop.jpg
Features an ad for a television program that would be airing on WGN in which the 'comics' series being presented by the Southtown Economist would be discussed by pastor Dr. Preston Bradley. Additionally explores sex in crime comics and the way it…
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