A Crisis of Innocence

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House of Commons - June 8th, 1948.pdf
A record of the discussions held by the House of Commons in 1948 regarding the distribution of comics in Canada. Fulton argues that there is a link between delinquent behavior in children and several comic titles.

A report by Paul Coates for "Confidential File" in 1955, regarding the relationship between juvenile delinquency
and comics, and formation of the Comics Code.

Interim Report of Committee on Judiciary.pdf
Deals with the findings of the Subcommittee To Investigate Juvenile Delinquency's exploration into the impact of mass media on youth and their behaviour.

Senate Subcommittee Hearings title page 1954.pdf
Transcripts of the Senate Subcommittee Hearings on Juvenile delinquency, held between April 22 and June 4, 1954.

June 14th, 1948 - House of Commons.pdf
Fulton once again brings up the matter of suppressing comic book circulation, while Ilsley presents his draft of legislation.

June 9th, 1948 - House of Commons - Fulton first introduces crime comics.pdf
Fulton first introduces crime comics.

June 3rd, 1948 - House of Commons - Fulton asks for revision of Juvenile Delinquents Act.pdf
Fulton asks for revision of Juvenile Delinquents Act.

Crime Comics and the Constitution - Stanford.pdf
Discussing the possibility of an all out ban on crime comics. Writer(s) call for more investigation into the potential dangers of crime and horror comic books.

A radio session held by the Subcommittee to investiate Juvenile Delinquency and Comic Books.
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