A Crisis of Innocence

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April 2nd, 1954 - House of Commons.pdf
Resumption of the discussion from April 1st, 1954, about clause 150 and Fulton's proposed amendment.

April 1st, 1954 - House of Commons.pdf
Fulton's arguments regarding further amendments to deal with crime comics and obscene literature in general.

Jan 21st, 1953 - House of Commons.pdf
Fulton's proposal for the creation of a joint committee to deal with the issue of obscene literature.

Sept 28th, 1949 - House of Commons.pdf
Fulton introduces Bill No. 10, an amendment to the Criminal Code addressing the publication and distribution of materials that contain violent images.

Oct 21st, 1949 - House of Commons.pdf
Continued discussion of Bill No. 10, to amend the Criminal Code.

Dec 1st, 1949 - House of Commons.pdf
Motion for Bill No. 10 to be the first order of business attended to on December 5th.

June 14th, 1948 - House of Commons.pdf
Fulton once again brings up the matter of suppressing comic book circulation, while Ilsley presents his draft of legislation.

Australian Obscene Publications - April 28 1954.pdf
Continued discussion of the amendment to the Police Offences Bill. Particular focus is paid to the meaning of the word "obscene."

Australian Obscene Publications - April 21 1954.pdf
Continued debate over altering the Police Offences Bill. The House discusses specific clauses, and questions arise over what can be considered "artistic."
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