A Crisis of Innocence

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Speed Comics #35, cover.jpg
Comic cover indicted by the Southtown Economist as too violent and sexualized.

Pep #17 (July 1941).jpg
Comic cover featuring superhero 'The Hangman.' Cited as the inspiration for a boy's accidental death by hanging.

Russian Says crop.jpg
Claims American comic magazines, such as Superman, is leading to a mass fascisization of American youth.

Cumberland Times November 12 1950 crop.jpg
Claims crime comics are not actually the main cause of juvenile delinquency. Chadwick states the family must instill a moral compass in the mind of the child so that he will not be influenced by these comics.

Winnipeg Free Press December 29 1949 crop.jpg
A study conducted by Dr. Averill establishes that 99% of children surveyed identified with the heroes, rather than the villains in comic books. It is suggested that any psychological damage must come from crime and horror comics, rather than…
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